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Our kids are tomorrows’ leaders!  So, how do you inspire your young leaders? Give them  this delightful affirmation coloring book with  images that will  inspire their imaginations while  introducing them to awesome possibilities and  positive  affirmations that will foster within them the courage and confidence that assures them that they can reach any goal to which they aspire. It also cultivates the calmness & the resilience to continue to strive for their goals. 


This innovative coloring book developed by educators and leader development professionals is designed to build kid’s confidences, imaginations, positive self-concepts and internal dialogue.  The 30 coloring pages have illustrations that bring to life the positive affirmations that are highlighted on each page not only helps kids to see that they are great right now but the imagery which features many potential interests & vocations also inspires them to think beyond the present and encourages them to envision themselves in amazing roles in their communities and world. This book shows kids that they can truly  Breathe, Dream, and Soar.  

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