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Welcome to our amazing journal that is specially designed to help children discover the true essence of gratitude! From the adorable rescue dog inspirations on the cover to the custom-designed kid-friendly pages, this expert-recommended journal is here to make gratitude a fun and exciting journey for your little ones. With 110 pages of pure joy, this journal will empower kids to intentionally think, write, and even draw about all the wonderful things that make their days extraordinary. 

Meet Scout and South two rescue dogs who are our book cover  inspirations!
What's Good? Tees and Gear
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Here’s what experts say about the "What’s Good Gratitude Journal for Kids"
“What’s Good? Gratitude Journal for Kids"primes the memory of children for good experiences and invites them to feel worthy and thankful for the good for which they are gifted. The practice of gratitude has imperative implications for the development of self-compassion and care for others in the face of early difficult life experiences.”

Dr. James H. Cones III, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Oxford, University

Beverly Harris offers a tangible tool for leveraging the rich plasticity of the child and adolescent mind by brokering and documenting these invaluable exchanges. As a behavioral scientist, mental health clinician, and mother of three little humans, Harris' The What's Good? Gratitude Journal for Kids is my go-to for cultivating the healthy, resilient, and gracious adults our society needs.” Dr. Sundania J. W. Wonnum, PhD, LCSW

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